2018 Call for Presentations


North American Hazardous Materials
Management Association
2018 Annual Conference
Holiday Inn by the Bay - Portland, Maine
August 27-31, 2018


NAHMMA is an established group of hazardous materials management professionals whose purpose is to advance education, foster communication, encourage policy development, recognize exemplary programs and provide professional development opportunities. We are dedicated to pollution prevention and reducing the toxicity of municipal waste streams. This 2018 National Conference is hosted by the Northeast NAHMMA Chapter.

Presenters attending one day of the conference will receive a complimentary one day conference registration including breakfast and lunch.Travel and lodging not included.


  • Complete the form below and submit by April 16, 2018 to Shelly Fuller at sfuller@bouldercounty.org.
  • Applications will be evaluated by NAHMMA's Program Committee.
  • You will receive a notice of acceptance or non-acceptance on or about May 18, 2018.



  • Presentation Formats: Typically lectures with Q&A; however, feel free to submit proposals for alternative formats,
  • such as team teaching, panel discussions, workshops and/or interactive sessions.
  • At a minimum presentations should be 20 to 25 minutes followed by 5 to 10 minutes of Q&A. Each breakout
  • session will be generally allotted 60-90 minute slots.
  • Proposals constituting sales pitches for products or services will not be considered.
  • Presentation equipment (laptop and projector) will be provided by NAHMMA.
  • If your presentation requires special software, internet connection, PowerPoint capability or a special presentation
  • format (lecture, panel, audience participation, etc.), inform your session moderator as early as possible.


  • Education/Outreach and Behavior Change:HHW program specifics, motivating participation, education and social marketing programs, less hazardous alternatives, innovative methods for community involvement
  • Financial Planning:Improving your facility’s financial performance, true cost of service, financial planning, scenario modeling, equipment optimization, tracking and other operational efficiencies, regulatory compliance, corrective action, and/or post-closure funding.
  • Health and Safety: All issues pertaining to any aspect of VSQG or HHW collection, design and/or operations.
  • Legislative and Regulatory Policy: Updates on new or upcoming legislation or regulations impacting our field at
  • the local, state, or federal level.
  • Links between HHW/VSQG programs:Climate Change, Water Quality, Green Building, Environmental Health, Disaster Planning and Response, Pollution Prevention, etc.
  • Product Stewardship and Extended Producer Responsibility:The latest on producer responsibility programs for products of interest, including paint, pharmaceuticals, batteries, mercury-containing lamps, etc.
  • Recycling and Sustainability:Education programs, where the market is heading, economics, collections, handling and/or specialty recycling (e.g., batteries or pharmaceuticals). Also, any innovative diversion programs.
  • Specific Waste Management:Medical waste, school chemicals, electronic waste, pesticides, household hazardous waste, paint and/or other materials. Priority and emerging waste streams.
  • Technical Innovations:Design, waste to energy, materials management, beneficial reuse and/or remediation.


  • Please submit your completed Presentation Application Form electronicallybelow
  • Or download the form and email attachment to Shelly Fuller at sfuller@bouldercounty.org. Use the subject line: 2018 NAHMMA PRESENTATION.