The "Golden Bung" Awards - 2019

For every 25 people that deliver standard paint and aerosol cans and a bag of weed and feed, there are one or two that make collections personnel (pick one) gasp, walk slowly away, laugh, or look up information online.

NAHMMA is looking for photos and stories from the front lines of collection programs: fixed facilities and events. If you know of a crazy-old, crazy-funny or just plain crazy item that has come into your possession, send it along and it might get recognition at the conference in Colorado in September. Examples include:

  • Pretty but oh-so-toxic orbs of carbon tetrachloride
  • Picric acid in all its explosive glory
  • Items that reflect culture (or lack thereof) of its time
  • Customers doing foolish things with their waste
  • Awe-inspiring (but morale-sinking) volumes

The Golden Bung Awards are also a time to recognize the efforts of "front-line" personnel, who have the very challenging job of dealing with the public, working in a labor-intensive environment, and having in-depth chemical and regulatory knowledge. It is a unique set of skills, and we applaud them.

Submission deadline is Friday, July 26, 2019.