About Us

Empowering North America’s 

Hazardous Waste Management Professionals

Established in 1993, the North American Hazardous Materials Management Association (NAHMMA) is the premier association for professionals working to reduce and manage household hazardous waste. A volunteer-run, non-profit organization, NAHMMA is committed to pollution prevention, product stewardship, and the safe and effective handling of hazardous materials from households and small businesses. NAHMMA supports its members with exclusive training opportunities, relevant industry news, and access to a diverse and experienced nationwide network of people involved in the hazardous waste management industry.


"It's an excellent place to start learning about HHW and where it goes, and about the companies involved in taking and disposing of it. Learning from other members is a plus!"

 — HHW Coordinator, Concordia, MO



A National Network On Your Side

The hazardous waste management industry is constantly evolving, and for many of our jobs, safety is crucial. NAHMMA provides professionals and organization with the latest information, training, and solutions to help keep workers and communities safe and collection programs running effectively.


  • Development and use of less or non-hazardous 

    products, constituents, processes, and methods.

  • Promoting reformulation of existing products.

  • Collection of products and materials that contain hazardous components for reuse, recycling or hazardous waste management.

  • Support professionals with career development and community.


  • Facilitating education, communication and informational exchanges.

  • Encouraging development of sound policies and cost effective strategies.

  • Providing professional development opportunities.

  • Recognizing exemplary people, programs, policies and practices.

Recognizing Excellence


Program Innovation 

To recognize unique and effective innovations in either HHW or CESQG services, including best recycling/reuse strategies, best documented educational strategies resulting in positive behavior change, and/or best documented hazard reduction.

Agents of Change 

To recognize and celebrate those individuals in our industry who go "above and beyond" to make a difference. They consistently achieve outstanding results and work diligently and creatively to protect people and the environment.

Program Excellence

To recognize an outstanding program which addresses household and CESQG hazardous waste management at the state or local level, promotes pollution prevention, reduction of hazardous components in municipal waste streams and NAHMMA's mission statement.

NAHMMA membership gets you access to training, resources, news, and opportunities to network with hazardous waste management professionals from around the nation. Don’t forget to sign up for your local NAHMMA Chapter while you’re at it!


"NAHMMA’s membership features a wealth of information 
and experience, and our interaction provides each of us with 
valuable opportunities for personal growth."

— Greg Boe, REHS/RS, HHW Program Manager / Sr. Environmental Health Specialist

NAHMMA’s National Conference

Our National Conference gives you the 
unique opportunity to network with your colleagues from around the nation and get exclusive training to advance your career.

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From informative webinars to valuable handbooks and manuals, NAHMMA membership gives you access to a wide range of resources and opportunities.

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