2018 Call for Awards NAHMMA-Nations

North American Hazardous Materials
Management Association
2018 Annual Conference
Holiday Inn by the Bay -
Portland, Maine

August 27-31, 2018

NAHMMA is an established group of hazardous materials management professionals whose purpose is to advance education, foster communication, encourage policy development, recognize exemplary programs and provide professional development opportunities. We are dedicated to pollution prevention and reducing the toxicity of municipal waste streams. This 2018 National Conference is hosted by the Northeast NAHMMA Chapter.

Inspirational people and exceptional programs. These are the foundation of the annual NAHMMA awards. Maybe you know a person that is a mentor or a leader or who has made a big difference in pollution prevention and management. Maybe you know (or even work for) a program with a commitment to safety, or innovation, or long-standing service to the community.

Now is your chance to shine the light on deserving people and programs.


  • Complete the form and submit by March 23, 2018 on the NAHMMA website or email to Rick Gilbert at rgilbert@co.kitsap.wa.us.
  • Applications will be evaluated by NAHMMA's Award Committee.
  • You will receive a notice of acceptance or non-acceptance by mid-May.

LIST OF POSSIBLE AWARD IDEAS: (Note: The Awards Committee will make final determination of specific award type.)

  • Individual Awards for:
    • Longstanding service to our industry
    • Longstanding service to NAHMMA
    • Difference-makers in our industry
    • Mentorship
    • Inspiring others
  • Program Awards for:
    • Longstanding excellence
    • Innovation
    • Safety
  • Policy Awards for:
    • Product stewardship
    • Legislative advocacy
    • Waste or toxins reduction
    • Education and social marketing
  • Private Industry Awards for:
    • Outstanding industry partner
    • CESQG innovations in waste reduction
    • Private-public partnerships

This is just a sampling. Once you submit the nomination, the Awards Committee will do the rest.


  • Please submit your completed Award Nomination Form electronically below or as an email attachment to Rick Gilbert at rgilbert@co.kitsap.wa.us. Use the subject line: 2018 NAHMMA AWARD NOMINATION.