National Awards

The North American Hazardous Materials Management Association (NAHMMA) traditionally recognizes excellence in the industry. The awards ceremony at the National Conference provides a focal point for peer appreciation of individuals, groups, programs, or companies.  NAHMMA Awards can showcase the unique approach of up-and-coming programs, or recognize the long-standing excellence of those that are more established. 

Perhaps someone you know has single-handedly made a difference.  Maybe a deserving program needs a spotlight to show skeptical elected officials the benefits of its dedication.

Now is your chance to make a difference: to your peers, a fellow program, or your own employer.  Don't be shy!  Any NAHMMA member can submit an award nomination.  The process is simple.  Just answer a few questions, provide some background information, and (if possible) submit photos to the Awards Committee. 

The questions:

  1. What or who are you nominating?
  2. Why?  Are they outstanding leaders?  Have they created something other members can benefit from or done wonderful things for their community and/or our profession?  Have they accomplished long-term success?  What makes them unique?
  3. How is this program or entity fulfilling NAHMMA's goals of toxics reduction, diversion and proper management?
  4. Can others recreate this success? 

The Awards Committee will do the work of slotting your nomination into an appropriate category.  All you have to do is send us the initial nomination and we will be in touch.  Please don't be discouraged if your nomination doesn't result in an award.  The final selections are often made from many submittals.

You are encouraged to re-apply!

Please contact the Awards Committee representative to get the process started:

Rick Gilbert

Nominations are due by Friday, April 14.

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