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06 Jul 2017 11:53 AM | Nicole Plese (Administrator)


The Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) seeks qualified candidates to serve as an in-state staff member to assist in the on-going implementation of the statewide mattress recycling program. This position will perform varied tasks required to develop, implement and maintain a successful mattress recycling program throughout California with a focus on working directly with large volume generators of old mattresses for disposal including mattress retailers, hotels, educational facilities and solid waste facilities. The ideal candidate will reside in Southern California.

About the MRC 

Formed by the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) in 2013, MRC is a non-profit organization that develops and implements mattress recycling programs in states that require mattress recycling, including California. These programs are funded by a fee collected on the sale of each mattress within the state. MRC’s objectives are aligned with these laws: to promote and encourage the proper recycling of mattresses at end of life.

Scope of Work 

In 2013, Connecticut, Rhode Island and California enacted mattress recycling laws creating the statutory framework to fund the collection, transportation and recycling of discarded mattresses. Connecticut was the first state to implement in May of 2015. California and Rhode Island launched in 2016. Important information about the California program created through SB-254 and 1274 is described in that state’s mattress recycling law:



MRC has designed the California mattress recycling program to meet the requirements of the law, regulations and program plan. To fund the program, retailers collect an $11 per unit fee from the sale of each mattress, and then remit that fee to MRC. MRC uses collected fees to pay for transportation, recycling, consumer education and program administrative costs.


  • Managing stakeholder relationships including but not limited to: hotels, educational facilities, mattress retailers, state and local agencies, solid waste transfer stations, solid waste management companies, transporters, manufacturers, recyclers, collectors and non-governmental environmental organizations
  • Coordinate logistics for large volume pick-ups and special collection events
  • Visit eligible participants throughout California. Describe program and participation requirements with the goal of expanding service to large volume participants, including hotels, educational facilities, and mattress retailers with at least 100 mattresses or box-springs for disposal
  • Maintain collection site compliance through site visits and audits on regular schedule or as needed, to troubleshoot and maintain successful relationships
  • Serve as primary point of contact between MRC’s recyclers and large volume generators
  • Assist in disseminating state-specific information materials to a variety of stakeholders including the hospitality industry, retailers and educational facilities
  • Public speaking and presentations in various forums
  • Closely monitor mattress volumes into recycling facilities
  • Respect the confidentiality of business proprietary data of MRC and the parties with which MRC does business
  • Maintain database of large volume program participants and collected mattresses
  • Analyze data and prepare monthly and annual reports
  • Serve as primary point of contact on MRC website for the large volume program
  • Work cooperatively with other California Program Coordinators to create an effective and efficient state wide recycling program
  • Other tasks as necessary

Preferred Skills & Qualifications

  • Candidates will be required to work from a home office. Due to extensive travel requirements, ideal candidates will reside in Los Angeles, Orange or San Diego counties.
  • Experience with trucking and transportation logistics
  • Experience with and/or knowledge of solid waste and recycling systems, laws and regulations
  • Experience with the contracting process and commercial insurance
  • Experience/familiarity working with hotels, educational facilities, retailers, non-profit organizations, recyclers and business professionals
  • Experience with and/or knowledge of mattress retail operations
  • Experience with and/or intimate knowledge of recycling programs or product stewardship laws,

Mandatory Skills & Qualifications

  • Candidate must have a suitable home office with strong internet connection and cell phone connectivity. A quiet work environment is required for taking phone calls. Employee will work independently and must have excellent time management skills
  • Employee must provide vehicle appropriate for professional meetings, have a valid driver’s license, and carry current motor vehicle liability insurance including $500,000 liability insurance
  • Travel is required. Travel time will exceed 70% of the time, and may include overnight and weekend travel. Extensive travel throughout California is required to visit hotels, educational facilities, mattress retailers, solid waste facilities, recyclers, and other entities involved in the program.
  • Strong public speaking, training, and presentation experience.
  • Bachelor’s Degree from accredited four-year college/university
  • Fluent with computers and Microsoft office suite

Compensation This is a full-time salaried telework position; salary commensurate with experience. MRC provides an extensive benefit package.

For consideration, please send a resume and cover letter to

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