Recruit New Members and Win!

NAHMMA is an opportunity for everyone in the hazardous waste management field and those that are considering or planning to enter into the profession.  As an active NAHMMA member, you know first-hand the value your membership provides. Member-Get-A-Member is the ideal opportunity to share your success by encouraging your nonmember colleagues to join.  By recruiting new members to join, you help strengthen NAHMMA and the audiences that we serve.  There is power in numbers! Increased membership means increased networking, support for our initiatives, and sustainability of our great organization.

Tap into your network of colleagues and help us grow!
We’re kicking off our Member-Get-A-Member Campaign on Monday, April 18th, and we want you to reap the rewards. 

Here’s how it works:

Your Rewards – We will be awarding prizes to individual members that refer the most new members. 

How to Refer – share the benefits of NAHMMA and encourage your friends and colleagues to join via the online application for NEW members, or you can customize this email draft that we have started for you.

Program Rules

  • Only active members in good standing can participate in the Member-Get-A-Member Campaign program.
  • Program is not valid for current renewals.  Memberships that have not been active for at least 3 years since their last expiration date are valid for a referral prize.
  • To receive credit for a recruitment or referral, the new member must mention the referring member’s name on the application.
  • If NAHMMA cannot verify the identity of the referring member, no prize will be awarded for that application.
  • The 2016 Member-Get-A-Member Campaign program is valid for memberships processed and activated between April 18th and October 5th, 2017.

Deadline – the deadline for this year’s campaign is October 5th, 2017.  We’ll be announcing winners and handing out awards at the 2017 National NAHMMA Conference, happening October 10th-13th in Portland, Oregon.

Special Thanks to our Campaign Sponsor:  Recruitment Resource Center

  • Know the benefits of membership. Review the membership brochure to provide prospects with more information about NAHMMA statistics and membership benefits.
  • Give examples. Provide your colleague with examples of how your NAHMMA membership has benefited you in your career, whether it be a past conference, training event, webinar presentation, or chapter meeting. A positive testimonial can be a great recruitment tool!
  • Keep Membership Materials Handy. Print out copies of the membership application and brochure to distribute at your next event.
  • Invite your prospects to upcoming events. We’ve got conferences and webinars at the national level, and there are great networking opportunities in each chapter.  Check out our website for more information.  

Sample Email
Subject: NAHMMA Membership & Promotion

Dear Ms. Smith,

Have you considered joining NAHMMA, the professional organization dedicated to pollution prevention and supporting the diverse groups that have an interest in hazardous components of municipal waste streams?  I'm a member and really value all the member benefits, including superior training and online information, easy access to trusted advisors and a widespread and diverse group of hazardous waste professionals to network with.

Here are just a few membership benefits that I personally enjoy:

Professional Resources like free webinars, articles, past conference presentations, RFPs, job listings, sample contracts from colleagues, newsletters, and more. For any specific challenge, you can contact members through our information and skills database.

NAHMMA is great for networking with Household Hazardous Waste, Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator, and Small Quantity Generator professionals, and you have continual opportunities through chapters, training classes, regional workshops, and the national conference.

You can also get discounted rates on all training classes, handbooks and manuals, our national conference, and regional workshops.

Here is the application to join:

Let me know if you have any questions about NAHMMA.

Thank You,

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