2011 Conference Proceedings

NAHMMA 2011 Conference Proceedings
Portland, Oregon
September 27, 2011 (Tuesday)


Erik Asssadourian - Worldwatch Institute

CESQG Case Studies: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Barrett Reidinger, Washington Department of Ecology
Al Gomez, Broward County Florida

HHW Education: Generating Results not Buried Brochures

Donna Miscolta, King County Washington

Busy People, Better Outreach

Vicki Bushnell, Kitsap County Washington
Dave Waddell, King County Washington
Dave Waddell - #2

Leading the Way by Greening the Way in Operations

Sue Bruning, Phillips Services Corporation 
Lisa Heigh, Metro Portland

September 28, 2011 (Wednesday)

Product Stewardship for Non-Toxic Products: Why Should we Care?

Shannon McClelland, Washington Department of Ecology
Esther Handy, Seattle City Council Phone Books
David Ranson, British Columbia Ministry of the Environment
David Allaway
Bill Smith, City of Tacoma

Haz Waste in unusual places: Drinking Water

Bryan DeDoncker, Clark County Washington
Pinky Feria, Washington Department of Ecology
Rebecca Geisen, Portland Water Bureau

How Kickin' is your Collection System?

Megan Warfield. WA Department of Ecology 
Liz Tennant, Local Hazardous Waste Management
David Nightingale, Special Waste Associates

Local Governments and Product Stewardship

Jim Quinn, Metro Oregon Paint Program
Miles Kuntz, Washington Department of Ecology 
Sego Jackson, Snohomish County Washington
Larry Gibbs, Lane county Oregon County 

Inventive Techniques Prevent Pollution from Small Businesses

Rosemary Busterna, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency
Debra Taevs, Pollution Prevention Resource Center
Dawn Hottenroth, City of Portland

Tom Boucher, Washington Department of Ecology

Managing Merchandise Mayhem

Jennifer Allen, Portland State University 
Ann Blake, Environmental & Public Health Consulting 
Alex Stone, WA Department of Ecology

Taking the Initiative: Three Case Studies of Product Stewardship and Industry Leadership

Alison Keane, American Coatings Association
Mark Tibbetts , Thermostat Recycling Corporation
Karen Gomez, AgStewardship Australia

Doing More with Less in HHW Collections

Daniel King, Lincoln-Lancaster County Health 
Denise Hays, Metro Portland
Linda Roehl & Tim Roehl, South Central Solid Waste

Bridging the Gap Between Local Collection and Policy Action

Lisa Sepanski, King County Washington

September 29, 2011 (Thursday)
Pharmaceutical I: "Nuts and Bolts of Collection Systems and Operations"

Mindy Collins, City of Bellingham Washington
Will Perry, King County

“HHW Collection to the Rescue: For Disaster Survivors, the Underserved"

Julie Mitchell, King County Washington
Deanna Carveth, Snohomish County Washington
Billy Puk, Recology

Pharmaceutical II: "The Future: Goals, Policy, & EPR"

Steve Brachman, University of Wisconsin
Sierra Fletcher, City of San Francisco
Margaret Shield, King County Washington

Consumers, Corporations, Convenience and Cosmetics: Who's Responsible?

Adriane P. Borgias, Fusion Environment & Energy
Patricia Huback, Oregon DEQ

Charging Forward on Battery Management

Jim Neely, King County Washington
Michelle Atkinson, Energizer
Carl Smith, Call2Recycle

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