2009 Conference Proceedings

NAHMMA 2009 Conference Proceedings
Houston, Texas
November 10, 2009 (Tuesday)

 CESQG Issues and Operations

Donald Hardee - CESQG Collections Survey
Theresa Gilbertson - VSQG

 Electronics Recycling

Aaron Blum - Electronics
Clive Hess - Electronics
Robin Llewelyn - Goodwill Electronics
Sue Bruning - Ewaste

 Facility Operations and Planning

Cheryl Burton-Fentress - Harris County HHW Facility
Earl Blakney - City of Dallas
Jack Ranney - LCRA

 School Chemicals

Al Gomez - School Chemical Cleanout
Charles T Pope - School Chemical Cleanout
Charles T Pope - #2
Kristina Meson - Schools Chemical Cleanout

 Special Wastes

Angel Torres - Blue Rhino
Susan Johnson - Applicances
Susan Johnson - Good, Bad and Ugly

November 11, 2009 (Wednesday)

 Abandoned Waste and Illegal Dumping

Dave Waddell - Bombs in the Basement
Ionie Wallace - Foreclosure Hazardous Waste
Sidney Parker - Illegal Dumping of Household

 Emergency Response and Disposal

Cheryl Burton-Fentress - Emergency Response
Susan Johnson - Barton Solvents

 Health and Toxicology

Dave Waddell - School Chemicals Database
Jon Thompson - UTMB Poison Control Center
Lene Peterson - Progestin in Fish


Kati Stoddard - Pharm Take Back
Matthew Mireless - UEM
Sierra Fletcher - Pharms Presentation

  Product Stewardship and Chemical Policy

Bill Sheenan - Chemical Policy
Jessica Schifano - Chemical Policy Reform
Sierra Fletcher - Product Stewardship

November 12, 2000 (Thursday)

Enviromentally Preferred Purchasing and By-Product Syngerg

Sue Bruning - Supply Chain Management

 Facility Operations and Planning Session

Laurie Hall - Automated Data Collection


Abby Boudouris - Paint PS
John Segala - Paint PS

  Pesticide Partnership and Trends

Fred Gabriel - Pesticide Stewardship Alliance
Jennifer Volkman - Pesticide
Jennifer Volkman - MDA Statute

 Product Stewardship I

Cheryl Lofrano-Zaske - Assuming Responsibility for E-waste through Recycling
Zac Trahan - Product Stewardship

 Product Stewardship II

Bill Sheenan - Development of State PSC
Heidi Sanborn - California PSC
Kim Mote - Formation of PSC

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