2008 Conference Proceedings

23rd Annual Hazardous Materials Management Conference
on Household & Small Business Waste

October 13th-17th, 2007
Burlington, Vermont

Conference Program    |    Attendee List     |   Exhibitor List


   Monday October 13, 2008

      Pre-Conference Trainings

  • Inspector Training - Trainers: Glen Perrigan, Chris Gilbert, Judy Mirro, Dave Waddell

  • School Chemical Cleanout Training - Trainer: Dave Waddell 

  • Changing Behaviors Training - Trainer: Dr. Wesley Schultz

   Tuesday October 14, 2008

      Pre-Conference Trainings

  • Risk Awareness for HHW Facilities Training - Trainer: Bob Fletcher

  • Hidden Hazards in Dry Cleaners and Art Studios - Trainers: Al Gomez, Dave Waddell

  • DOT Annual Update Training - Trainer: Bob Fletcher

  • Things That Go BOOM! Training - Trainers: Chris Gilbert, Dave Waddell

  • Hands-on ID of Unknowns Training - Trainer: Kari Meyer

   Wednesday October 15, 2008

      Green Cleaners

      Software and Databases

      Handbook on Household Hazardous Waste

   Keynote Speaker & General Session

   From Epigenetics and Endocrine Disruption: A Revolution in the Environmental Health Sciences by John Peterson Myers

     1A Small Business Waste Management Session (#1)

     1B Waste Prevention, Education, and Behavior Change Session

     1C Environmental Health Issues Session

  • Bisphenol A by Pete Myers

  • Triclosan by Ann Blake

  • Lead Exposure Prevention in King County and Washington by Ryan Kellogg

    2A Small Business Waste Management Session (#2)



     2B Collection Program Enhancements Session

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