1989 Conference Proceedings

EPA 4th Annual Conference on Household Hazardous Waste Management

November 6th-8th, 1989 | Orlando, Florida

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                                               Monday November 6th, 1989

      Plenary Session I

      Plenary Session II

      Plenary Session III

      Plenary Session IV

                                              Tuesday November 7th, 1989

      Concurrent Sessions I

      Concurrent Sessions II

      Concurrent Sessions III

      Concurrent Sessions IV

                                          Wednesday November 8th, 1989

      Concurrent Sessions I

      Closing Plenary Session

Appendix I: Final Program

Appendix II: Final List of Speakers

Appendix III: Speakers' Biographical Sketches

Appendix IV: List of Attendees

Appendix V: The National Listing of HHW Collection Programs 1988-1989

Appendix VI: National HHW Collection Programs Survey

Appendix VII: Permanent HHWM Program Managers and Map of States with Permanent
Programs with a chart of their growth

Appendix VIII: National HHW Management Expert List

Appendix IX: State HHW Management Expert List

Appendix X: Collection Program Contractors

Appendix XI: City of Santa Clara model HHW collection RFP

Appendix XII: DD&A Publications Order Form

Appendix XII: HHWM IV Conference Audio Tape Order Form

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